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Arbitration and Mediation

NFA offers two affordable and efficient programs to help customers and Members resolve a futures-related dispute.  


Arbitration is a process where the parties present their arguments and supporting evidence before an impartial third party (or panel) who decides how the matter should be resolved. NFA arbitration is generally faster and less expensive than formal litigation. A party does not need a lawyer to pursue a claim at NFA. NFA offers two separate arbitration programs:

Customer Arbitration is designed for disputes involving customers and NFA Members, their employees and Associates.  This includes disputes NFA Members initiate against current or former customers. 

Member Arbitration is designed for disputes between and among NFA Members and Associates.  As stated above, disputes between an NFA Member or Associate and a customer are handled through the Customer Arbitration program. 

NFA is always looking for qualified arbitrators.


Mediation is a settlement process where the parties work together with an independent third party (a mediator) to find a mutually agreeable solution. 

File a Claim

Individuals have the option of filing their arbitration claim online.

File a Customer Claim OR  Member Claim

Check Registration Status of Potential Respondents

Respondents in NFA arbitration cases must be current or former members of NFA, or an employee of an NFA Member.

Check Status

Search the Code of Arbitration or Member Arbitration Rules

You can search the Code of Arbitration and Member Arbitration Rules by section, Rule number and/or keywords.

Search OR View the entire Manual.
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