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Member Arbitration 

If you are an NFA Member and your dispute involves another NFA Member, you are probably required to file your claim at NFA. If you are an NFA Associate or if your claim is against an NFA Associate, you are not required to file your claim at NFA unless there is a contract providing for NFA arbitration.  

If you are approaching the two-year time limit for filing a Claim, you probably should submit a Notice of Intent to Arbitrate. A Notice of Intent does not obligate you to file a Claim, however, it does temporarily toll (or stop) the two-year time limit to provide you with a little extra time to file your Claim. NFA must receive the Notice within the two-year time limitation period in order to extend the time period allowed to file a Claim.

Before you file a claim, carefully read NFA's Member Arbitration Rules and Member arbitration publications to ensure you understand the arbitration process and your responsibilities as a party.

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To encourage settlements, mediation is available as part of the arbitration process. Learn more about mediation.

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Did you know that NFA has the ability to accept arbitration claims online? Within minutes of filing, NFA will send a reply to the filing party stating the claim has been received. This means that the customer has confirmation NFA has received it and NFA staff can start processing the claim.


File a Claim

Individuals have the option of filing their arbitration claim online.

File a Customer Claim OR  Member Claim

Check Registration Status of Potential Respondents

Respondents in NFA arbitration cases must be current or former members of NFA, or an employee of an NFA Member.

Check Status

Search the Code of Arbitration or Member Arbitration Rules

You can search the Code of Arbitration and Member Arbitration Rules by section, Rule number and/or keywords.

Search OR View the entire Manual.
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