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Promotional Material Pre-Review and Pre-Approval

NFA wishes to assist our Members in achieving compliance with NFA's promotional material rule by offering a pre-review program free of charge. This program is voluntary and available to Members whose promotional material has not yet been used. Members wishing to participate in this program must have a principal or firm contact submit the promotional material to NFA along with a cover letter. The cover letter should indicate that the promotional material has been submitted for pre-review and may direct NFA to give comments to an individual other than the principal or firm contact. Promotional material may be mailed to:

National Futures Association
Advertising Regulatory Team
300 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 1800
Chicago, Illinois 60606

or electronically filed to NFA's email address at We accept promotional material in any electronic format: Microsoft Word, PDF, rich text format, PowerPoint, etc.  

In order to expedite the process further, your electronic filing should include a cover letter, from a principal or firm contact, indicating the type of review requested:

  • Pre-Approval (required for radio ads, TV ads, material promoting security futures products and any other audio or video advertisement distributed through media accessible by the public) or
  • Pre-Review (voluntary program for all other types of promotional material).

In addition, the cover letter may be used to direct NFA to give comments to an individual other than the principal or firm contact.  

Typically, NFA will correspond with you electronically, unless otherwise requested.  NFA will complete its review of the promotional material within 14 days of receipt and either verbally or electronically communicate its comments to the Member. In addition, if you have general questions regarding promotional material, you may contact NFA's Information Center at (312) 781-1410 or (800) 621-3570.

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