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What does it cost to arbitrate?

NFA charges a fee for filing an arbitration claim, which is based on the amount being claimed, exclusive of interest and costs. Filing fees for customer cases range from $50 to $1,550. View the filing fees table for customers in NFA's Code of Arbitration. Filing fees for member cases range from $750 to $4,400. View the filing fees table for Members in NFA's Member Arbitration Rules. NFA also charges a hearing fee, which is used to reimburse NFA for compensating the arbitrators. Hearing fees range from $125 to $5,100. Each party making a claim must pay both fees.

However, NFA may waive the filing fee in customer cases if paying it is a financial hardship for the customer filing the claim. You should contact NFA's Arbitration Department if you are interested in asking for a waiver of the filing fee.

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