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Investor Alerts

NFA Investor Alerts

Forex Investor Alert: New Forex Rules Become Effective on October 18 - October 18, 2010

Forex Investor Alert: Forex Customer Account Statements - March 2009

Investor Alert: Affinity Fraud - December 2008

Forex Investor Alert - February 2007

Forex Investor Alert - August 2003 

Fraud Advisories (Commodity Futures Trading Commission)

CFTC Precious Metals Consumer Fraud Advisory NEW

CFTC/NASAA Investor Alert:Foreign Exchange Currency Fraud

Commodity Pool Fraud

Foreign Currency (Forex) Fraud

Phony Futures and Options Websites

Profits Based on Seasonal Demand or Other Well-known Public Information

Other Investor Alerts

Securities Exchange Commission

Investment Seminars - Trading Seminar Fraud

Leveraged and Inverse ETFs: Specialized Products with Extra Risks for Buy-and-Hold Investors 

Oil and Gas Scams

Internet Fraud: How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams

Pump& Tips for Avoiding Stock Scams on the Internet

North American Securities Administrators Association

Are you an informed investor?: Derivatives

Madoff -- A 21st Century Ponzi Scheme

Affinity Fraud: Beware of Swindlers that Claim Loyalty to Your Group

Ponzi Schemes

Senior Investor Alert: Free Meal Seminars

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Beware of Online Job Classifieds Used to Steal Your Identity

Keeping Your Account Secure: Tips for Protecting Your Financial Information

Federal Trade Commission

Investing in Gold? What's the Rush? 

Investing In Bullion and Bullion Coins 

Investing in Collectible Coins 

Featured Information

Visit the Federal Trade Commission's one-stop resource for identity theft protection.

Defer. Detect. Defend. Avoid ID

Special Messages

NFA is sponsoring an information booth at the Traders Expo on February 19-22 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. NFA staff will distribute copies of NFA's investor education materials and answer questions from expo attendees. For more information visit the Expo's website.


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