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January 22, 2010
In this Issue: National Consumer Protection Week New York Traders Expo Sound Financial Decisions in 2010

2010 National Consumer Protection Week provides investors of all ages with valuable resources

National Consumer Protection Week

The Federal Trade Commission's 2010 National Consumer Protection Week will be held March 7-13. This year's theme, "Dollars & Sense: Rated 'A' for All Ages", highlights the importance of using good consumer sense at every stage of life - from grade school to retirement. Organizations from around the country have provided free resources to help people protect their privacy, manage money and debt, avoid identity theft, understand credit and mortgages, and steer clear of frauds and scams.

"NFA is proud to be part of the Steering Committee for National Consumer Protection Week," said NFA Senior Vice-President of Strategic Planning and Communications Karen Wuertz. "NFA constantly strives to provide consumers with information they need to avoid fraud and make sound investment decisions."

Other members of the Steering Committee include AARP, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Federation of America and the National Consumers League. This year National Consumer Protection Week is focusing on resources for kids by highlighting consumer education websites, videos and games designed for a younger audience.

However, there are also many other resources on the website for people of all ages, including how to get a free credit report, spotting a telemarketing scam, dealing with debt, deterring and detecting identity theft, avoiding home and auto repair scams and reporting credit repair scams.

The NCPW's website will be available throughout the year. Be sure to take advantage of this valuable information.

NFA to provide investor education at New York Traders Expo

NFA is sponsoring an information booth at the New York Traders Expo on February 14-16 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel. NFA staff will distribute copies of NFA's investor education materials and demonstrate how to conduct a background check of a futures firm or individual using NFA's web-based Background Affiliation Status Information Center (BASIC).

The Expo offers educational seminars and workshops as well as an exhibit hall featuring trading software providers, futures and options exchanges and other vendors. In previous years, the Expo has attracted more than 6,000 traders. For more information visit the Expo's website.

Make sound financial decisions in 2010

The beginning of a new year (and in this case a new decade) prompts many of us to examine the way we currently live our lives and resolve to make positive changes to make our lives better. Your financial health and well-being should be of primary importance to you, and there are many resources available to you to help you make sound financial decisions in 2010.

For example, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recently published "10 tips to help you stay on track with your finances". The tips include diversifying your portfolio, taking advantage of tax breaks for college savings and creating a rainy day fund. Of particular interest to National Futures Association is tip #5: "Check the background of your financial professionals." According to FINRA's recently released National Survey, only 15 percent of those who have worked with a financial professional reported that they had checked the professional's background or credentials with a state or federal regulator. If you are currently trading or are considering trading futures or forex products, you should conduct a background check on firms and individuals using NFA's Background Affiliation Status Information Center (BASIC) located on NFA's website ( BASIC contains registration information as well as any disciplinary actions taken against the firm or individual. You can also find arbitration awards made in cases where the firm or individual was named as a respondent.

For the complete text of FINRA's investor alert, "Seeking Solid Financial Footing for the Next Decade: 10 Tips for 2010", click here.

Recent Enforcement Actions

In the fourth quarter of 2009, NFA's Business Conduct Committee issued Decisions, Member Responsibility Actions and Final Orders in Registration Cases against the following NFA Member firms and individuals. Click on the name for more detailed information.

Decisions in Disciplinary Cases
Axiom Management Partners LLC
Blue Sky Capital Management Corp.
Jared D. Coad
Dynamic Online Trading Inc.
William H. Fischbach
IFINIX Futures Inc.
Income Plus Asset Management Inc.
Japan Forex Research Inc.
George Kerr
Tory Matthew McGowan
James C. Morton
Parman Financial
Lyndon L. Parrilla
Gregory M. Schneider
Traders Network LLC
Wholesale Asset Management LLC

Member Responsibility Actions
There were no Member Responsibility Actions in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Final Orders in Registration Cases
Burt Martin Arnold Securities Inc.
Lucy Wyatt Mattinen
Thomas D. Richter
Steven T. Strom

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