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January 13, 2011
In this Issue: Revised Guide for Retail Forex Traders NCPW 2011 New York Traders Expo

NFA publishes new edition of educational guide for retail forex traders

National Futures Association (NFA) has published a revised edition of its popular investor education booklet for consumers interested in the retail off-exchange foreign currency (forex) market. The revised publication, now entitled "Trading Forex: What Investors Need to Know", describes how the retail forex market operates, the risks involved in trading forex and how the market is regulated. The guide also includes a glossary of terms.

"We revised the publication to reflect the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's retail forex rules, which became effective on October 18," says NFA's Director of Communications and Education Larry Dyekman. "Among other things, the rules now require any retail forex introducing broker, money manager or pool operator to register with the CFTC and become Members of NFA. We believe that consumers should learn as much as they can about the market and how it is regulated before opening a forex trading account."

Single copies of the guide are available free of charge to the investing public.

Individuals may order a free copy of the publication by calling NFA's Information Center at 312-781-1410 or 800-621-3570 or by emailing NFA at

Individuals also have the option of viewing and printing the publication by downloading it from the Investor Information section of NFA's website ( produces new DVD on avoiding investment fraud, a project of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, has produced a new DVD entitled "Tricks of the Trade: Outsmarting Investment Fraud", which uncovers the tricks cons use, includes stories from victims and offers advice from fraud and persuasion experts. Copies of the DVD are free and can be ordered either online or by calling (866) 973-4672.

"There are three things people need to keep in mind when it comes to investment fraud," said foundation president John Gannon. "First, if you have money-including equity in your home or retirement savings-you could become a target for cons. Second, if you know the persuasion tactics that cons use, it's easier to spot and avoid fraud. And third, before making any investment, remember to always ask and check-ask if the seller and the investment are registered, and check the answers with the authorities."

The hour-long documentary is a central part of an investor-focused anti-fraud campaign, conducted in conjunction with AARP, the Securities and Exchange Commission, state securities regulators and other organizations.

NFA joins federal and non-profit partners for National Consumer Protection Week 2011

Again this year NFA is a member of the Steering Committee for The Federal Trade Commission's 2011 National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), which will be held March 6-12, 2011. Other members of the Steering Committee include AARP, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Federation of America and the National Consumers League.

NCPW is a coordinated campaign that encourages consumers nationwide to take full advantage of their consumer rights and make better-informed decisions. During NCPW, organizations share tips and information that help consumers protect their privacy, manage money and debt, avoid identity theft, and avoid frauds and scams.

The theme of this year's event is "Your Information Destination:". The NCPW's Website, which is available throughout the year, offers consumers a wealth of tips and information from federal and state government and non-profit partner organizations, including how to get a free credit report, spotting a telemarketing scam, dealing with debt, deterring and detecting identity theft, avoiding home and auto repair scams and reporting credit repair scams.

Consumers can browse the selection of free materials, download and print the materials they need and share them with friends and neighbors. They can also use the NCPW Toolkit to plan a larger NCPW community event and follow the NCPW blog for discussions of emerging issues. NFA has posted a blog entry entitled "Don't Lose Your Life Savings to Forex Fraud". Be sure to take advantage of this valuable information.

NFA to provide investor education at New York Traders Expo

The Expo offers educational seminars and workshops as well as an exhibit hall featuring trading software providers, futures and options exchanges and other vendors. In previous years, the Expo has attracted more than 6,000 traders. For more information visit the Expo's website.

Recent Enforcement Actions

In the fourth quarter of 2010, NFA's Business Conduct Committee issued Decisions, Member Responsibility Actions, Final Orders in Registration Cases and Complaints against the following NFA Member firms and individuals. Click on the name for more detailed information.

Decisions in Disciplinary Cases
20/20 Trading Company et. al
Bharat Adatia
Axiom Management Partners LLC
Mohammad Shiwan Azazi
Back Bay FX Services LLC
Matthew P. Censullo
Commodity Trading International Corp.
Gain Capital Group LLC
Joseph G. Gibbs
Robert F. Gray
Stephen F. Huchko
Infinity Services USA Inc.
IKON Global Markets, Inc.
Diwakar Jagannath
Henry C. King
Maxtak Capital Advisors LLC
Sharief D. McDowell
Ajang Mobasser
Nextsource Trading Corporation
Jonathan Petak
Quick Trade Futures Inc.
William M. Reynolds
Rock Financial Group LLC
Scott Schaffer
Glenn H. Stevens
Trendphonic Futures Trading
Simon S. Welds
Stewart R. Wilson

Member Responsibility Actions
International Commodity Advisors
Profitstars Intl Corp.
Rock Financial Group LLC
Scott Schaffer
Gregory W. Seitz
Ulysis Starling
Gustave O. Woehr

Final Orders in Registration Cases
Aqua Capital Advisors LLC
Keevin L. Gillespie
Ebrahim Sabeti
Errol J. Torres

Bill A. Ahlswede
Angus Jackson, Inc. of Florida
Back Bay FX Services LLC
Martin H. Bedick
Blue Ridge Futures
Scott L. Bryce
CD Capital Management Inc.
Clash Financial LLC
Diligent Management LLC
Dranger Capital Management LLC
Easy Trader, Inc.
Augusto Gallegos
Grainteam LLC
Perry Hoffman
IKON Global Markets, Inc.
Diwakar Jagannath
Kevin E. Koy
Stephen G. Leahy
Steven A. Michael
New Era Futures
Phil A. Owens
Anastasios Dionysios Rigas
Rock Financial Group LLC
Michael E. Rose
Scott Schaffer
Statewide FX Inc., et al.
Dan Emanual Stamer
Stonehenge Capital Management LLC

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