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Self-Examination Questionnaire

In order to satisfy your continuing supervisory responsibilities under Compliance Rule 2-9, 2-36, and 2-39, NFA Members must review their operations on an annual basis using NFA's Self-Examination Questionnaire. The Self-Examination Questionnaire is designed to help Members recognize potential problem areas and alert Members when procedures need to be revised or strengthened. 

Tip: Make sure you review all of your procedures and records to ensure that all of the items are properly addressed. Firms that do not give enough attention to their self-examination questionnaire often have deficiencies during NFA audits. If you find deficiencies, make a note of them and how you plan to have them corrected. During NFA audits, we check to ensure that your annual self-examination is complete and how problems are addressed. Maintain a written attestation, signed and dated by a principal, stating that they have reviewed the Member's operations using the questionnaire.

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