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New Member Orientation

Welcome to National Futures Association. We have developed this new Member orientation section of NFA's website to help you understand the regulatory environment in which you will be conducting your business. In addition to Member materials, you will also need to obtain a copy of the Commodity Exchange Act as Amended and Regulations Thereunder. The entire contents of the Commodity Exchange Act are available through the CFTC's website at, or you may purchase a print version from CCH Incorporated by calling 800-449-6435.

Next Steps

Once your membership has been approved, designate an Executive Representative by completing the Executive Representative Contact form. This form is important because, beginning with the 2017 election of members of NFA's Board of Directors, NFA is replacing its current paper ballot system for with electronic voting. The Member's Executive Representative is the only person who can submit a petition to nominate someone for election as a Director, cast votes on a Member's behalf in a contested election for an NFA Director position, or vote to approve or not approve an amendment to NFA's Articles of Incorporation. All notices concerning Director elections, Article amendments and Director nominations will be sent only to the Member's Executive Representative.

  • The first time that a Member visits the Executive Representative Contact form, the Membership Contact listed on the Member firm's application will be displayed. If a Member does not designate a different individual as its Executive Representative in the Executive Representative Contact form, then the individual listed as its Membership Contact on its application will be deemed to be the Member's Executive Representative.
  • See Notice I-16-18 for additional information.

In addition, please review the information on the following pages to understand general requirements, NFA's examination process, and more.

General Requirements | The Examination Process | Additional FCM, RFED and IB Requirements | Additional CPO and CTA Requirements

General Information

Below are some general resources that are relevant to all NFA Membership categories. You may refer to these resources on a regular basis as an NFA Member.

Contact NFA

If you have any questions about how any of the requirements apply to your firm's operations, if you are applying the requirements correctly, or about NFA, do not hesitate to contact NFA's Information Center at 312-781-1410 or 800-621-3570 or email

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