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SD/MSP Registry

The SD/MSP Registry is a data file which contains a listing of swap dealers and major swap participants along with their respective CFTC registration statuses. All of the information contained in this file, excluding the legal entity identifier (LEI), is also available via individual look-up through NFA's BASIC system. The Registry file simply provides a single, consolidated listing for use by firms, market participants, regulators and service providers who play a role in processing swap transactions. Swap Dealers and Major Swap Participants with a CFTC registration status can also view the Registry via the ORS Report Center. The file can be downloaded by clicking on the applicable links below. Here is a brief overview of the Registry:

Scope: The Registry file contains information for all swap dealers and major swap participants with the following status designations for CFTC registration:

  1. Pending Registration
  2. Provisionally Registered
  3. Registered

Contents: The Registry file contains a listing of swap dealers and major swap participants consisting of the following public information:

  1. Each firm's NFA ID
  2. Each firm's full name
  3. Each firm's location
  4. Each firm's CFTC Registration Status with effective dates
  5. Other names under which each firm conducts or has conducted business, as applicable and reported by the firm. (Note: DBA/other names are available only in the XML version of the Registry.)
  6. Each firm's LEI. (Note: The LEI is only available in version 2.0 of the Registry.)

Timing: An updated Registry file will be available by 5:00 a.m. Central Time each morning. The information in the file is current as of the previous business day. Note: The generated date listed in the XML file is the date and time the report was created.

Format: The Registry file is available in three different formats which are available below.

The following link is a reader-friendly version of the Registry:

SD/MSP Registry (version 2.0)

The following link is the Registry in an XML format:

SD/MSP Registry XML (version 2.0)

The following link is the Registry's XSD schema document intended for system developers:

SD/MSP Registry XSD (version 2.0)

Please note: Beginning July 1, 2016, the original version of the SD/MSP Registry, which did not contain each firm's LEI, was discontinued. Please update your processes to use the SD/MSP Registry (version 2.0).

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