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2/15/2017 - Arbitrator Update - February 2017

1/17/2017 - Investor Newsletter - January 2017

12/23/2016 - Forex Transactions: A Regulatory Guide - Updated December 2016

12/19/2016 - NFA's 2016 Annual Review now available

Recent News Center Updates

2/21/2017Enforcement and Registration Action: Pratik Patel

2/21/2017 - Notice to Members: NFA's Board of Directors elects Michael Dawley to serve as Chairman

2/21/2017Enforcement and Registration Action: Option Financial LLC

2/21/2017Enforcement and Registration Action: Ashley Capital Management Incorporated and Michael P. Pacult

2/21/2017 - CFTC Rule Submission: National Futures Association: Proposed NFA Financial Requirements Section 17: Swap Dealer and Major Swap Participant Reporting Requirements

2/16/2017 - News Release: NFA Board appoints Carol Wooding as new General Counsel

2/8/2017 - Notice to Members: Notice of members elected to NFA's Board of Directors and 2017 Nominating Committee

2/6/2017Enforcement and Registration Action: Forex Capital Markets LLC, William Ahdout, Dror Niv and Ornit Niv

2/6/2017 - News Release: NFA bars New York retail foreign exchange dealer Forex Capital Markets, LLC and its principals Dror Niv, William Ahdout and Ornit Niv from membership

2/6/2017Enforcement and Registration Action: Forex Capital Markets LLC, William Ahdout, Dror Niv and Ornit Niv

1/30/2017 - Notice to Members: NFA's in-office registration kiosks will close May 1, 2017

1/24/2017Enforcement and Registration Action: Ascona Management LLC and Andrew M. Keller

1/20/2017 - Notice to Members: FinCEN issues an advisory on the FATF-identified jurisdictions with AML/CFT deficiencies

1/18/2017 - Notice to Members: Chief compliance officer annual report filing requirements for futures commission merchants and swap dealers

1/11/2017 - Notice to Members: Member obligations under NFA Bylaw 1101 and Compliance Rule 2-36(d) with respect to CPOs/CTAs exempt from registration

1/10/2017Enforcement and Registration Action: Vincent Capital Group LLC (Ryan Litfin)

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