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Reminder to Members

NFA Compliance Rule 2-38, which became effective on July 1, 2003, requires Members to provide NFA with the name and contact information for an individual who NFA can contact in case of an emergency. Each IB, CPO and CTA Member that has more than one principal and each FCM Member must also provide NFA with the name of and contact information for a second individual who can be contacted if NFA cannot reach the primary contact.

NFA Members can provide this Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity information in their Annual Questionnaire, which is accessed through the Online Registration System via NFA's Web site (www.nfa.futures.org). For greater convenience, NFA recently added a direct link to the questionnaire for the Web site's home page. For NFA Member FCMs for which NFA is not the Designated Self-Regulatory Organization, NFA will provide a custom version of the annual questionnaire that requests business continuity and disaster recovery information.

Even though NFA Compliance Rule 2-38 became effective July 1, 2003, Members do not need to update their business continuity and disaster recovery contact information until they receive their annual update notice. Members who have already received their annual update and have completed the questionnaire can either a) wait until their next annual update notice to update their business continuity and disaster recovery contact information, or b) access the questionnaire via the NFA Web site and complete the business continuity and disaster recovery information on page 1.

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