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News Briefs

Executive Committee schedules long-range planning meeting
NFA's Executive Committee will meet on April 22 to discuss the Association's strategic business plans for the coming years. The Committee, along with NFA officers, will discuss issues such as SRO governance, NFA funding, customer protection, NFA's regulatory services and the impact of new technology on NFA's programs and services.

"NFA's basic mission is to provide the futures industry with the most effective and efficient self-regulation possible," says NFA President Dan Roth. "To achieve that mission we must anticipate and keep pace with a dramatically changing industry."

Over the last several years, the Executive Committee has held a number of long-range planning meetings. The results of the discussions are subsequently presented to NFA's Board of Directors.

NFA adds payment function to Online Arbitration System
NFA recently added an enhancement to its Online Arbitration System that allows parties to an NFA arbitration to pay their fees electronically.

"In October 2001, NFA became the first regulatory organization in the financial services industry to accept arbitration claims online," says Arbitration Manager Heather Cook. "Since then, we have made several improvements to the system to provider greater value to our customers."

Individuals who want to pay their filing and hearing fees electronically must first obtain a user id and password through the Dispute Resolution Section of NFA's Web site. Once they have obtained a user id and password, they can pay their fees by transferring the money from their bank account.

"This new function is available to all of our arbitration customers," says Cook, "not just those who filed their initial claim online."

New NFA Manual being published
The newest version of the NFA Manual, containing all rule updates through March 1, 2004, is currently being printed. When it's completed, NFA will mail a complimentary copy to all NFA Members.

Other interested individuals can purchase a copy of the Manual for $10 by calling NFA's Information Center at 800-621-3570.

"We publish the hardcopy edition of the Manual once a year," says Director of Communications Larry Dyekman. "However, we continually update the version of the Manual that is on our Web site, so I encourage everyone to visit our Web site regularly."

NFA brochure highlighted in consumer newsletter

In January, NFA published a new investor education brochure regarding retail off-exchange foreign currency (forex) markets. At that time NFA mailed a press release and a copy of the brochure to several consumer protection agencies.

In their Winter 2003 newsletter, the Alliance Against Fraud in Telemarketing and Electronic Commerce (AAFTEC), wrote an article about the brochure, highlighting its ability to "explain the complicated world of currency trading with the help of simple formulas and easy-to-understand examples." The AAFTEC is a coalition of consumer groups, labor organizations, government agencies, public interest organizations, trade associations and businesses dedicated to promoting consumer awareness about telephone and Internet-related fraud.

Individuals can download the brochure at www.nfa.futures.org or request a free copy by calling 800-621-3570.

NFA is the premier independent provider of efficient and innovative regulatory programs that safeguard the integrity of the derivatives markets.
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