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News,Facts,Actions to go electronic in 2005

In an effort to increase efficiency, reduce costs and give readers more timely information, NFA will begin publishing News,Facts,Actions electronically in January 2005. The last issue to be published and mailed to Members will be the Fall 2004 issue, scheduled to be distributed in October 2004.

"The cost of printing and postage continues to rise," says Larry Dyekman, director of Communications and Education. "Converting the newsletter into an electronic communication vehicle will reduce our operating expenses in this area."

In conjunction with the launch of an electronic newsletter, NFA will begin offering a subscription service on its Web site in November. Individuals will have the ability to provide their e-mail addresses and choose what types of communications they would like to receive from NFA (e.g., newsletters, Notices to Members, press releases, etc.).

"One of the limitations of a print version of the newsletter is that is it mailed to only one person at a Member firm," says Dyekman. "The subscription service will give more people the opportunity to receive information they want from NFA quickly and efficiently."

NFA will issue a Member advisory later in the year outlining the subscription service in more detail.

NFA is the premier independent provider of efficient and innovative regulatory programs that safeguard the integrity of the derivatives markets.
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