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NFA adds enhancement to Online Dispute Resolution System

In November of 2002, NFA added an enhancement to its popular Online Dispute Resolution system that allows a party or representative to view important information about a case online. The information available to view includes:

  • The claims that have been filed and contact information for their Case Administrator;

  • Names and contact information for any party or representative involved with the case;

  • Discovery and other important due dates for the case;

  • A list of case correspondence received and sent;

  • The location and time of the hearing or summary proceeding;

  • Name and contact information for the Mediator assigned to the case; and

  • Award information once a decision is rendered.

"Since introducing the financial services industry's first Online Dispute Resolution program in October of 2001, NFA's electronic claim filing system has proven to be a very popular option with both customers and NFA Members," said Heather Cook, NFA's manager of Arbitration. "This new enhancement allows parties to view the status of their cases quickly and conveniently."

To access the new system a party or representative must first contact a staff member in the Arbitration Department and receive a user name and password. Once that is done, the individual can access the dispute resolution section of NFA's Web site (www.nfa.futures.org) and click on the link called "My Arbitration Cases." This link connects the user with the new online arbitration information system. Once a person logs in, he will see a list of any matters that party is currently involved in and have the option to review the information related to whichever case they choose.

"This new system provides our customers with an alternative method of receiving information on their case as quickly and efficiently as possible," said Cook. "We are currently looking at ways to further enhance the system to allow parties to an arbitration case the ability to view case documents online."

If you have questions about the new system or would like further information, please contact Heather Cook at 312-781-1481 or Hcook@nfa.futures.org.

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