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Welcome to the online version of NFA's rulebook, the NFA Manual. We update this version on an ongoing basis. If you want to check out what changes have most recently been made to the NFA Manual, go to Recent Manual Updates.


[Effective dates of amendments: August 16, 1993; October 15, 2001; November 16, 2009 and February 20, 2014.]

(a) General.

Special meetings of the Board shall be held at the request of the Chairman, the President, or any 10 Directors. The date and place of the meeting shall be determined by the Chairman and specified in the notice of the meeting.

(b) Notice of Emergencies.

Notice of each special meeting shall be provided in accordance with such procedures as the Board may specify by resolution. The Chairman shall cause notice of the meeting to be given at the earliest practicable time, and, except in unusual circumstances, at least two days before the date on which the meeting is to be held.

Attendance of a Director at the meeting shall constitute a waiver of notice of the meeting, except where a Director attends a meeting exclusively for the limited purpose of objecting to the transaction of any business thereat on the ground that the meeting shall be limited to the matters specified in the notice of such meeting.

In the event of an emergency (as defined herein), the Chairman or President may call a meeting on one-hour notice to all Directors. Such notice may be given by telephone, telegraph or other means. The business of the meeting shall be limited to the emergency. A quorum shall consist of 8 Directors, provided there is present at least one contract market Director, one FCM, RFED, LTM or IB Director; one SD or MSP Director; one CPO or CTA Director; and one Public Representative Director (See Article VII, Sections 2(a)-(e)). For purposes of this Bylaw, an emergency shall exist when the Chairman or President determines that, because of an unusual, unforeseeable and adverse circumstance, it is necessary to hold a meeting on one hour notice.

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