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[Adopted effective March 15, 1994. Effective dates of amendments: January 1, 2005.]

There shall be a Hearing Committee, consisting of at least 15 individuals who shall be Members, persons connected therewith or members of the public. A majority of the Hearing Committee members eligible to participate in a proceeding shall constitute a quorum, except that in cases in which a Panel has been appointed (See Compliance Rule 3-7) a quorum shall consist of a majority of such Panel members but no fewer than three. The members of the Hearing Committee shall be proposed by the President and approved by the Board. The President and the Board shall propose and appoint individuals who reflect the various categories of NFA Members and members of the public. At least one-third of the members of the Hearing Committee shall not be NFA Members or Associates or employees of NFA Members. Each member of the Hearing Committee shall serve for three years, or until the member's death, resignation, ineligibility or removal. A vacancy in the Hearing Committee shall be filled in the manner prescribed in Bylaw 601 for officers. A Hearing Committee member may be removed by the Board for cause. No Hearing Committee member shall use or disclose material, non-public information, obtained as a result of participation on the Hearing Committee, for any purpose other than the performance of official duties as a member of the Hearing Committee.

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