NFA Arbitration Decisions


An NFA Arbitration claim is a futures or forex related dispute involving a customer and an NFA Member (or employee) or Associate. It is not a regulatory action.
NFA only discloses information concerning arbitration cases that have been decided by an arbitration panel. NFA does not release the names of parties who have settled their parts in the cases. Furthermore, NFA does not report or release information on cases that closed before January 1, 1990, cases that are still pending, or cases that were settled, withdrawn or rejected. Therefore, the number of NFA Arbitration Decisions reflects the total number of claims filed in NFA Arbitration that were decided by an arbitration panel. These decisions may have been decided in favor of the Claimant or Respondent.
Effective January 1, 2000, NFA discloses the names of persons who represent parties in NFA customer arbitration proceedings if the matters were decided by an arbitration panel. As of the same date, customers may no longer ask NFA to keep their identities confidential.

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