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The following tutorial is a step-by-step look at several sections of the Online Registration System (ORS).

For each section of ORS that is displayed in this tutorial, you will see a picture of an important part of an ORS screen and corresponding text under it. If you still need assistance after viewing the tutorial, contact NFA's Information Center.

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Update/Withdraw Registration

If you have a current pending or approved status as a principal or branch office manager or you are currently registered, have a temporary license or are pending as an AP of an FCM, IB, CPO or CTA and your affiliation with that sponsor has been terminated, that sponsor must file an Online Form 8-T. The FINRA Form U5 is no longer acceptable in lieu of Form 8-T. However, a firm completing an online withdrawal for an AP, Branch Office Manager or Principal may elect to complete the FINRA U5 disciplinary questions which are contained in the system.

A Form 8-T must be filed within 30 days of the termination of an AP, principal, or branch office manager. If you file the notice of termination more than 30 days after the actual termination date, we will charge a $100 late fee.

You access the withdrawal screens from the Update/Withdraw Registration Menu. Click on the appropriate category.

Individual Withdrawal

Enter the NFA ID number of the individual you are terminating.

Sponsor Information

If an individual is associated with more than one sponsor that you are authorized to perform registration activity on behalf of, you should use the pull-down menu to select the applicable sponsor that the individual is withdrawing from.

Withdrawal Categories

Enter a withdrawal date for all categories that the individual is being terminated in. Termination in one category (e.g., principal) does not mean that the person is withdrawing from every category (e.g., Associated Person). However, if the individual is registered as an Associated Person and approved Branch Office Manager, termination of registration as an Associated Person may also require termination as a Branch Office Manager. If you are only terminating in one category, you will not receive the full termination path.

Withdrawal Reason

Use the pull down menu to indicate the reason for the termination. If your firm is a broker dealer, you have the option of answering the U5 disclipinary information questions.

Disciplinary Information Form 8-T

Answer the appropriate disciplinary information.


Once all of the information has been entered, you will see a page that shows the category(ies) that will be withdrawn once the withdrawal notice is filed and providing you with the option to confirm that the information is accurate. Click on File Withdrawal Notice to submit the termination.

Withdrawal Notice Filed

Once the termination notice has been filed, a summary of the filing will be displayed.

By clicking on the printable forms link, you can view and print the withdrawal notice which must be provided to the individual whose association or affiliation has been withdrawn.

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