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The following tutorial is a step-by-step look at several sections of the Online Registration System (ORS).

For each section of ORS that is displayed in this tutorial, you will see a picture of an important part of an ORS screen and corresponding text under it. If you still need assistance after viewing the tutorial, contact NFA's Information Center.

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NFA's Home Page 

After the sponsor files an application for an individual to become registered as an Associated Person, or listed as a Principal and/or Branch Office Manager, the individual will need to electronically file a verification of the information contained in the application. Log-on to NFA's website ( and click the "Login to ORS" button.

 Online Registration System

After the individual clicks the "Login to ORS" button a message will display informing the individual that he/she will be accessing a system containing U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission records. To continue click the "Logon to the Online Registration System (ORS)" link. A pop-up box will display asking for the individual's user name and password. The sponsor will provide the individual with the temporary user name and password to access his/her application in ORS. If the individual does not know his/her user name and password, the individual should contact the firm's Security Manager.

Online Registration Home 

Once the individual enters his/her user name and password the Online Registration Home page appears. To start the verification process the individual should click on the "Review and verify your application" link.


After the individual clicks the "Review and verify your application" link, the Verification screen will appear. It is required that the individual review the accuracy of the information which is contained in his/her application before filing his/her verification. Failure to disclose material information on registration applications may result in the denial or revocation of registration. Therefore you should be sure to read NFA's Notice to Members dated December 20, 2007. To review the application click the "Click here" TO VIEW YOUR APPLICATION link, a new window will open up and a PDF file will display which contains the application that was filed on the individual's behalf.

If the individual finds any discrepancies in the application close the window and click the "Click here" to exit the Online Registration System link. After exiting ORS the individual should notify his/her sponsoring firm about the discrepancies. The individual is required to start the verification process over again once his/her sponsoring firm has corrected the discrepancies in the individual's application.

If the information contained in the individual's application is correct close the window and read the certification that displays and then click the "File Verification" button.

Verification Complete

The verification process is complete once the individual has clicked the "File Verification" button. Click the "Click here" to exit NFA Online Registration link to exit the verification process. A pop-up box will appear asking the individual to close the window, click the "Yes" button.

Online Registration System


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Electronic Filings

NFA Members can file many of their required documents electronically.

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Check Broker / Firm Information (BASIC)

You can check the registration status and disciplinary history of any futures firm or individual.

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