NFA is committed to protecting investors, safeguarding market integrity and ensuring its Members meet their regulatory requirements. With this, NFA believes our employees are our greatest asset. By embracing employees with diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives, NFA will continue to efficiently and creatively accomplish regulatory goals.

NFA is committed to providing its employees with a work environment that encourages collaboration, efficiency and mutual respect. NFA will provide you the opportunity to pursue excellence at work and in life.

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Compliance Intern

The Compliance Intern's main responsibility is to assist the Compliance department with its core functions of examinations, investigations and financial surveillance of NFA Members. The Compliance Intern will attend various internal training classes and assist with other special projects as necessary. The Intern also will interact with the investing public, senior staff and NFA Member firms.

Managing Director, Compliance

The Managing Director helps oversee the Compliance department and will carry out the core functions of examinations, investigations and financial surveillance of NFA Members.

Information Systems

Information Security Engineer

The Information Security Engineer will implement and monitor a comprehensive set of security controls as a part of NFA's in-depth  defense security strategy for the protection of NFA's computer systems, networks and data.

Project Management Specialist

The Project Management Specialist will work with the I.S. Department Project Management team (Directors, Managers and Projects Managers) and Departmental Business Systems Groups to ensure that all aspects of system projects are fully accounted for in their respective project plans.

Market Regulation

Market Regulation Analyst

The Market Regulation Analyst or Senior Analyst will help research and analyze trading activity to ensure compliance with Exchange and industry regulations.

OTC Derivatives

Managing Director Exams, OTC Derivatives

The Managing Director Exams helps oversee the development and execution of NFA's regulatory compliance programs for swap dealers and major swap participants (together, Swaps Members). The OTC Derivatives department performs compliance supervision functions (i.e. exams, investigations, continuous monitoring and risk management analysis) in relation to Swaps Members.

Quantitative Specialist

The Quantitative Specialist will join the model review team in the OTC derivatives department to assist NFA in approving swap dealers' internal capital and margin models, as well as provide subject matter expertise on quantitative risk management issues, such as capital and margin requirements, collateral disputes and other related topics.


NFA offers a generous and flexible benefits package that allows employees to balance work and life.

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Our Culture

By actively engaging in the development of our employees, NFA has further enhanced our culture and advancement of our employees, which drives our success.

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NFA offers numerous opportunities for individuals who are just starting their careers.
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Our People

Meet NFA's employees and learn about their career progression.

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