Emma Ricchio

Senior Manager
Office of Professional Development

emma ricchio

"I love working at NFA because the industry is always changing, and that means there is potential to learn something new every day."

Emma joined NFA's Compliance department following her graduation from Eastern Illinois University. With her background in accounting and finance, the Compliance Examiner role was a perfect fit for her. After gaining valuable experience in Compliance, Emma accepted the opportunity to work as a trainer in NFA's Office of Professional Development. Emma was eager to utilize the skills and knowledge she obtained in her Compliance role to explore a new career path. She has a natural talent for training and is responsible for preparing staff to thrive in their roles through professional development courses.


January – Hired as a Compliance Examiner I


May – Passed Series 3 examination
September – Worked on Enforcement Action case against an NFA Member
November – Promoted to Compliance Examiner II
December – Transitioned to Training Administrator I


May – Received Certified Fraud Examiner designation
June – Joined NFA's internal governance committee
October – Transferred to Office of Professional Development as a Professional Development Specialist II


March – Implemented NFA's system to deliver training content to staff and assess employee performance


July – Promoted to Supervisor, Operations & Analytics


November – Joined NFA's IT user-group to assist with the prioritization of major projects


July – Promoted to Manager, Office of Professional Development
February – Presented analysis of NFA's diversity statistics to senior leadership


July – Promoted to Senior Manager, Office of Professional Development

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