Kolade Agbaje-Williams

Manager II
Futures Compliance


"I appreciate having the opportunity to conduct investor interviews because they really highlight NFA's purpose–to protect the integrity of the derivatives industry and its participants."

Kolade has enjoyed a wide variety of experiences since joining NFA. He's led numerous examinations and has presented disciplinary cases against Members to NFA's Business Conduct Committee. He’s also enjoyed conducting investor interviews because they directly highlight NFA's purpose—to protect the integrity of the derivatives markets and its participants. Kolade appreciates the healthy work-life balance and extracurricular activities NFA affords staff.


January – Hired as a Compliance Examiner I
July – Passed Series 3 Examination


December – Received Certified Public Accountant designation, utilizing NFA's Tuition Reimbursement Program
January – Promoted to Compliance Examiner II


September – Promoted to Supervisor I, Examinations
December – Presented a case to NFA's Business Conduct Committee


January – Participated in the internal training process for NFA's new staff


February – Passed Series 34 Examination


March – Promoted to Supervisor II, Examinations


April – Promoted to Manager, Examinations


June – Received Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist designation, utilizing NFA's Tuition Reimbursement Program


January – Promoted to Manager II, Examinations

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