Zilla Kasimov-Bratman

OTC Derivatives


"I'm proud to be part of an organization that focuses on developing its employees and protecting our financial markets."

Zilla joined NFA through an employee referral and started as a Compliance Examiner in the Swaps Compliance department, which, at the time, was only staffed by a handful of people. Since her start with NFA, she has enjoyed growing with her group of colleagues through the department’s expansion. NFA provided extensive training and guidance that armed Zilla with the resources to work her way up from Compliance Examiner to Manager. Zilla enjoys working with her colleagues to continue learning about this industry and ongoing regulatory changes. Zilla also enjoys the privilege of traveling internationally to represent NFA globally.


March – Hired as Compliance Examiner I, OTC Derivatives
December – Promoted to Compliance Examiner II, OTC Derivatives


January – Received Certified Fraud Examiner designation
June – Received Certified Public Accountant designation

December – Promoted to Senior Compliance Examiner I, OTC Derivatives


January – Joined the Swaps Portal Redesign Committee


January – Worked on the Swap Modules Redesign Project
June – Developed and presented new training for Swaps staff
March – Promoted to Senior Compliance Examiner II, OTC Derivatives
December – Joined the Swap Proficiency Exam Development Group


January – Promoted to Manager, OTC Derivatives
January – Participated in the development of the Swaps Proficiency Exam
June – Participated in the internal training process for NFA's new staff

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