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December 13, 1996
I-96-31: Ballot Enclosed for Voting in NFA's Annual Election

November 27, 1996
I-96-30: Request for Public Director Nominations for NFA's Board of Directors

November 14, 1996
I-96-27: Candidates Announced for NFA Board and Nominating Committee

October 25, 1996
I-96-25: Requests for Comments on Proposed Changes to NFA's Arbitration Rules

October 17, 1996
I-96-23: NFA Announces 1996 Nominating Committee Recommendations

October 03, 1996
I-96-21: Amendments to Interpretive Notice Regarding Supervision of Telemarketing Activity

October 03, 1996
I-96-20: Amendments to NFA Compliance Rule 2-29(c) and the Interpretive Notice Relating to the Use of Promotional Material Containing Hypothetical Performance Results

August 08, 1996
I-96-17: Board and Nominating Committee Members Whose Terms Will Expire at the 1997 Annual Election

June 19, 1996
I-96-15: High-Pressure Sales Practices

May 24, 1996
I-96-12: Proposed Amendments to NFA'S Articles of Incorporation

May 23, 1996
I-96-11: Deceptive Advertising

April 15, 1996
I-96-08: NFA Revises Self-Examination Checklist

April 02, 1996
I-96-06: Member Communication Survey

January 16, 1996
I-96-01: Notice of Annual Meeting and Notice of Newly Elected Members to NFA's Board of Directors and 1996 Nominating Committee

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