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When NFA implemented the Online Registration System, the Board approved a number of related amendments to NFA's Registration Rules, including Registration Rule 101, Definitions. NFA Compliance Rule 2-7 contains an outdated reference to Registration Rule 101's definition of branch offices since that rule no longer includes a definition of branch office. Therefore, the reference in NFA Compliance Rule 2-7 is deleted. Additionally, NFA's Interpretive Notice Entitled "Registration Requirements; Branch Offices" contains references to particular item numbers in the Form 7-R that have been changed or that now relate to the Form 8-R. The Interpretive Notice is amended to update these references as well.

As mentioned earlier, NFA is invoking the "ten-day" provision of Section 17(j) of the Commodity Exchange Act. NFA intends to make the amendments to NFA Compliance Rule 2-7 and the Interpretive Notice regarding Registration Requirements; Branch Offices effective ten days after receipt of this submission by the Commission, unless the Commission notifies NFA that the Commission has determined to review the proposal for approval.

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