Proposed Rule

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File No. SR-NFA-2001-01

Exhibit 3

Procedures of the Self-Regulatory Organization

* * *

(a) A substantially similar version of the proposed rule changes was approved by NFA's Board of Directors (Board) at its May 17, 2001 meeting. At that meeting, the Board authorized NFA's Executive Committee to make additional changes necessary to qualify as a limited purpose national securities association. The final version of the proposed rule changes, as reflected in this filing, was approved by the Executive Committee at its July 19, 2001 meeting and ratified by NFA's Board at its August 16, 2001 meeting.

(b) Questions regarding this rule filing may be directed to Kathryn Page Camp, Associate General Counsel (312-781-1393 or or Thomas W. Sexton, III, Vice President and General Counsel (312-781-1413 or

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