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Explanation Proposed Interpretive Notice

During examinations of our Member firms, NFA asks for feedback on any areas in which Members may need more guidance. One of the areas that has recently required some clarification is ethics training. In 2001, the CFTC issued a Statement of Acceptable Practices ("Statement") for ethics training. This Statement was designed to allow flexibility in the format, frequency and providers of ethics training, giving each firm the freedom to tailor training to suit their own operations. Also, firms are no longer required to submit ethics training information to NFA. Because the CFTC Statement is general in nature, Member firms have indicated that they would like NFA to provide some type of additional guidance.

In response, the Board adopted the proposed Interpretive Notice to assist NFA Members in interpreting the changes to the ethics training rules. The Interpretive Notice outlines these changes and discusses them in more detail than the CFTC's Statement. This guidance comes in the form of an Interpretive Notice because the Board considers ethics training to be an element of a Member's supervisory obligations under NFA Compliance Rule 2-9.

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