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Compliance Rules

[Adopted effective January 24, 1985.]

(a) Upon receipt of a signed instruction from a customer to transfer an account from one Member to another, and provided that such instruction contains the customer's name, address and account number (and, if the transfer is not of the entire account, a description of which portions are to be transferred) and the name and address of the receiving Member, the carrying Member shall confirm to the receiving Member all balances in the account, whether money, securities or other property, and all open positions, within two business days or within such further time as may be necessary in the exercise of due diligence. Within three business days of the day such confirmation is due, or within such further time as may be necessary in the exercise of due diligence, and provided that the receiving Member agrees to accept the account, the carrying Member shall effect the transfer of the balances and positions to the receiving Member.

(b) This rule shall apply only to transfers made at the request of a customer.

(c) This rule shall not prohibit transfers based upon oral requests.

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