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Welcome to the online version of NFA's rulebook, the NFA Manual. We update this version on an ongoing basis. If you want to check out what changes have most recently been made to the NFA Manual, go to Recent Manual Updates.



A written or printed notice stating the place, day and hour of the meeting and, in the case of a special meeting requested by Members, the purpose or purposes for which the meeting is called, shall be delivered not less than 10 nor more than 40 days before the date of the meeting, either personally or by mail, by or at the direction of the Secretary, to each Member who appears on the rolls of NFA as of the date of the notice. If mailed, the notice shall be deemed delivered when deposited in the United States mail, addressed to the Member at his or her address as it appears on NFA records, with postage prepaid. Appearance at a meeting by a Member shall constitute waiver of any objection relating to the issuance, receipt or content of the meeting notice.

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