Arbitration is a process where the parties present their arguments and supporting evidence before an impartial third party (or panel) who decides how the matter should be resolved. NFA offers an affordable and efficient arbitration program to help customers and Members resolve futures-related and forex-related disputes. A party does not need a lawyer to pursue a claim at NFA.


Customer arbitration is designed for disputes involving customers and NFA Members, their employees and associates. You should consider filing a claim if you are a customer and you believe you've lost money because of unfair or improper treatment by an NFA Member.

NFA Members

Member arbitration is designed for disputes between and among NFA Members and associates. If you are an NFA Member and your dispute involves another NFA Member, you should consider filing your claim at NFA.


Arbitration is a popular dispute resolution alternative to time-consuming and costly litigation. The success of NFA's arbitration program is directly tied to the quality of the individuals who serve as arbitrators. New or existing arbitrators can learn more about NFA's arbitration program, access the Arbitrator Profile system and view resources for arbitrators by accessing NFA's arbitrator information.

Arbitration Information

NFA provides resources for new or existing arbitrators.

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Arbitration Statistics

NFA's arbitration statistics display historic data regarding arbitration cases.

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NFA's Arbitration Resources

NFA provides resources for parties engaged in customer or Member arbitration, as well as for arbitrators.

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Arbitration FAQs

NFA's FAQs provide answers to frequently-asked questions regarding NFA arbitration.

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To pay hearing and filing fees associated with an arbitration case NFA offers an Arbitration Online Payment System.