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Compliance Rules

Part 3 - Compliance Procedures


[Effective date of amendments: March 15, 1994; March 12, 1999; December 10, 2007; August 31, 2020 and November 15, 2020.]

The Respondent shall be afforded a hearing on the charges and possible sanctions. The hearing shall be before a designated Hearing Panel of the Hearing Committee ("Hearing Panel"). A Hearing Panel shall consist of no fewer than three members of the Hearing Committee. The Chairman and the remaining members of the Hearing Panel shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Hearing Committee or his designee. No member of the Hearing Committee shall participate in a Hearing Panel if the member, or any person with which the member is connected, has a personal, financial or other direct interest in the matter under consideration or is disqualified under Bylaw 708(c). If a Hearing Panel member's term on the Hearing Committee expires while the member is serving on a Hearing Panel, the member may continue to serve on that Hearing Panel until the matter is concluded.