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Compliance Rules

Part 3 - Compliance Procedures


[Effective date of amendments: March 15, 1994; March 12, 1999 and November 15, 2020.]

(a) The Respondent shall be entitled to a reasonable pre-hearing examination of all evidence in the Compliance Department's possession or under its control that is to be relied upon by the Compliance Department or that is relevant to the Complaint. Such pre-hearing examination:

    (i) must be requested by the Respondent in writing;

    (ii) can be conducted either by the Respondent examining all such evidence at the offices of NFA, or by the Respondent requesting that all such evidence be copied and sent to him with any transportation and copying costs borne by the Respondent making the request;

    (iii) is subject to the Compliance Department's right to withhold any privileged material (including, but not limited to, the investigation report), pursuant to all common law and statutory privileges it has available to it.

(b) Within 30 days after the Chairman of the Hearing Panel is appointed, the Chairman shall schedule and hold a pre-hearing conference with the parties. The order scheduling the pre-hearing conference shall specify the issues to be covered in the pre-hearing conference, including setting discovery and motion deadlines and scheduling the hearing. Such conferences may be conducted by telephone. The Chairman of the Hearing Panel shall determine location of any in-person hearing.

(c) The Chairman of the Hearing Panel shall schedule pre-hearing conferences and hearing sessions and shall decide all pre-hearing motions concerning discovery, motion deadlines, location of any in-person hearing, continuances, and requests for telephonic or video testimony. All other motions shall be decided by the Hearing Panel.

(d) A motion for continuance shall be supported by an affidavit that provides a detailed description of the circumstances that form the basis for the continuance request.