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Code of Arbitration


[Adopted effective February 18, 1992. Effective dates of amendments: May 1, 1994; June 23, 1997; March 21, 2001; March 1, 2002 and October 6, 2020.]

(a) Computation of Time.

    (1) Except as otherwise provided in this Code, service shall be deemed to occur on the earlier of the date that the documents are faxed (as evidenced by affidavit of service), e-mailed (as evidenced by affidavit of service), postal mailed, (as evidenced by postmark or affidavit of service), or the date personally delivered (as evidenced by affidavit of service).

    (2) The counting of days shall include all calendar days. Should a due date fall on a weekend or legal holiday such due date will be computed as the next business day on which mail is delivered.

(b) Service of Process.

Unless otherwise indicated, service may be accomplished by electronic mail, provided the party has an electronic mail address on record with NFA. However, if service by electronic mail is not acknowledged by the recipient, then NFA will serve documents using hand delivery, or by first class or certified mail, or by use of a generally recognized overnight delivery service to the party's last known business or home address on record with NFA until the party consents to service by electronic mail. All documents which are served on NFA shall be concurrently served on each party who has filed a pleading using methods designed to ensure that NFA and all parties will receive the documents on the same day. Service on a party's representative shall be service on the party.

(c) Address of Record.

A party shall promptly notify NFA of any change in the party's address or addresses, including the party's e-mail address or facsimile number, or the address of the party's representative on record with NFA.