Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

ODR Portal

Arbitrators logging into NFA's ODR Portal can create, view or edit their Arbitrator Profile.

Parties to an arbitration case logging into NFA's ODR Portal can view information and documents associated with their arbitration case, upload new documents to their case, and pay initial filing and hearing fees.

If you do not have a user name or password, or are having trouble logging in, please contact NFA's Arbitration Department at (800) 621-3570 or 312-781-1410 or by email at

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Customer Arbitration

Customer Arbitration is designed for futures-related or forex-related disputes involving customers and NFA Members, their employees and Associates. You should consider filing a claim if you are a customer and you believe you've lost money because of unfair or improper treatment by an NFA Member.

NFA's ability to hear a Claim depends on certain factors, such as when the Claimant first knew the dispute existed and whether the dispute involves futures or retail forex transactions.

Member Arbitration

Member Arbitration is designed for disputes between and among NFA Members and Associates. If you are an NFA Member and your dispute involves another NFA Member, with certain exceptions, you are required to file your Claim at NFA. NFA Members who are trying to recover a debit balance from a customer, may also file a Claim at NFA.

If you are an NFA Associate Member, or if your Claim is against an NFA Associate, you are not required to file a Claim at NFA unless there is a contract requiring NFA Arbitration, though you are free to do so.

File A Claim
During the online filing process, you will have the ability to upload your statement of claim and other supporting documentation. Please have these documents available to upload before you begin. To begin filing a Claim, please select the Claimant type below that best describes yourself. A Claimant is the person who believes he is owed money .
Who are you filing a claim against?

Notice of Intent

Filing a Notice of Intent does not obligate you to file a claim, but it temporarily suspends the two-year time limit to provide parties considering filing a Claim who are approaching the two-year time limit extra time to file.

NFA must receive a Notice of Intent within the two-year time period, in order to allow extended time to file a Claim.

File Notice of Intent