Terms and Conditions of Use

National Futures Association ("NFA") maintains a database of futures-related information, including Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") registration information, NFA membership information, regulatory actions and information concerning certain types of customer claims.

The CFTC registration and NFA membership information provided in BASIC includes the current and historical CFTC registration and NFA membership statuses of individuals and firms.

The regulatory information available in BASIC includes actions taken by NFA's Committees, by the CFTC and by U.S. futures exchanges, and may also include actions taken by foreign regulatory bodies against firms that are exempt from CFTC registration pursuant to CFTC Regulations 30.5 and 30.10. These actions by foreign regulators have been selected by the CFTC staff, which provides all information pertaining to these actions.

The information concerning customer claims contained in BASIC consists of the number of cases that customers have filed using the CFTC's reparations program and the docket numbers of those cases. BASIC also includes some information about NFA arbitration cases involving disputes between public customers and NFA Members if an award has been rendered.

The following information is not available in BASIC:

Registration and Membership Information

BASIC does not include all of the background information disclosed on registration forms filed with NFA or the CFTC. Additionally, the information provided by the system does not include civil actions between parties (other than information concerning reparations proceedings brought before the CFTC and NFA arbitration awards described above), criminal proceedings, and actions taken by other federal and state regulatory agencies and self-regulatory organizations.

However, some of this information may be available by calling NFA’s Information Center at (800) 621-3570 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time. For certain information, you may be required to file a Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") request with the Assistant Secretary for FOIA Matters, CFTC, Three Lafayette Centre, 1155 21st Street NW, Washington, DC 20581. You may also fax your written FOIA request to the CFTC at (202) 418-5543 or submit your request using an electronic FOIA form located at the CFTC's web site, In addition, you can file a written FOIA request with Document Research Group, NFA, 300 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1800, Chicago, IL 60606, fax your request to NFA at (312) 781-1459 or file an electronic request located on NFA’s web site, .

Regulatory Actions

Regulatory actions taken by the futures exchanges prior to January 1, 1990 may not be included in the system. Not all foreign regulatory actions against firms that are exempt from CFTC registration pursuant to CFTC Regulations 30.5 and 30.10 are included in the system.

Customer Claims

The arbitration information provided in BASIC does not include cases which were closed before January 1, 1990, cases which are still pending or cases which were settled, withdrawn or rejected. Even when information about an award is in BASIC, the names of some parties may not be disclosed because customers can choose to keep their identities confidential. Also, if an arbitration case included in BASIC involved others who settled their claims, the information about them and the settlement is not included.

Please Note: There may occasionally be delays in entering information into the system and therefore the system does not include actions that NFA, the CFTC and the futures exchanges (collectively, "contributors") have taken but they have not yet entered into the system. NFA and its contributors do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or the completeness of the information they provide. Neither NFA nor the contributors shall be liable for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions or other defects in the information. Neither NFA nor its contributors shall be liable for any errors or inaccuracies in the identification of such firm(s) or individual(s) resulting from the information that you provided to NFA.