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Gamma A measurement of how fast delta changes, given a unit of change in the underlying futures price.
General Conduct Action Type A violation arising from conduct not described by any other action type violation.
Ginzy Trading A trade practice in which a floor broker, in executing an order, particularly a large order, will fill a portion of the order at one price and the remainder of the order at another price to avoid an exchange's rule against trading at fractional increments or split ticks.
Give Up A contract executed by one broker for the client of another broker that the client orders to be turned over to the second broker. The broker accepting the order from the customer collects a wire toll from the carrying broker for the use of the facilities. Often used to consolidate many small orders or to disperse large ones.
Gold Silver Ratio The number of ounces of silver required to buy one ounce of gold at current spot prices.
Good This Week Order Order which is valid only for the week in which it is placed.
Good Til Canceled Order Order which is valid at any time during market hours until executed or canceled.
Grades Various qualities of a commodity.
Grain Terminal Large grain elevator facility with the capacity to ship grain by rail and/or barge to domestic or foreign markets.
Grantor A person who sells an option and assumes the obligation, but not the right, to sell (in the case of a call) or buy (in the case of a put) the underlying futures contract at the exercise price.
Gross Processing Margin Refers to the difference between the cost of a commodity and the combined sales income of the finished products which result from processing the commodity. Various industries have formulas to express the relationship of raw material costs to sales income from finished products.
Guaranteed Introducing Broker An introducing broker whose operations are guaranteed by an FCM. This type of IB has no minimum capital or financial reporting requirements. All of the accounts of a guaranteed introducing broker must be carried by the guaranteeing FCM. See also Independent Introducing Broker.
Guarantor A secondary party who becomes obligated to repay a debt for the party primarily responsible who has failed to repay an obligation. A guarantor of an introducing broker is a futures commission merchant that is subject to discipline under NFA rules for violations committed by the introducing broker.