Arbitration Education & Resources

Type Title Date Audience Summary
Conducting a Virtual Arbitration Hearing August 25, 2020 Arbitrator NFA held a live webinar on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 to provide tips and guidelines for conducting a virtual arbitration hearing, as well as an overview of where arbitrators can find useful information and resources on NFA's website.
NFA Arbitrator Online Training Program August 14, 2017 Arbitrator Arbitrators may complete any one of NFA's training modules to satisfy their training requirement for three years.
NFA Arbitration: Customer Arbitration Guide February 1, 2015 Investor Provides an in-depth discussion of the arbitration process.
NFA Arbitration: Procedural Guide for Member Disputes January 1, 2009 Member Provides an in-depth discussion of the arbitration process.
NFA Arbitrators: Chairperson's Handbook January 1, 2008 Arbitrator Offers guidance to those responsible for chairing NFA hearings.
Procedural Guide for NFA Arbitrators January 1, 2007 Arbitrator Provides an overview of the NFA arbitration process from the perspective of an arbitrator.
Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes March 1, 2004 Arbitrator Guidance on ethical responsibilities for arbitrators.
Understanding Legal Terminology in NFA Arbitration Cases November 1, 2003 Investor, Member A guide to help parties who are not represented by lawyers ("pro se") to understand some of the more complicated legal issues that may affect their ability to file a claim at NFA or in any other forum.
Legal and Procedural Issues for NFA Arbitrators January 1, 1998 Arbitrator Highlights issues that frequently occur in futures-related disputes.