Filing Firm Withdrawal Requests and Notices of Individual Withdrawals in NFA's Online Registration System (ORS) FAQs

Registrants and applicants for registration must file Firm Withdrawal Request Form 7-W in ORS to withdraw their registration or application.

The sponsor must file an electronic Individual Withdrawal Notice (Form 8-T) within 30 days after terminating an AP, principal, or branch office manager who was pending, temporarily licensed, registered or approved. A fee of $100.00 will be charged for a withdrawal notice received more than 30 days after the actual termination date. Broker-dealers may no longer file a Form U-5 in lieu of the Form 8-T; however, they may elect to complete and file the U-5 disciplinary questions as part of the Individual Withdrawal Notice in ORS. The sponsor that files the individual Withdrawal Notice must promptly provide a hard copy version to the person whose association has been terminated.

No. FBs and individual FTs must request to withdraw their registration using a hard copy version of Form 8-W. You may download a copy of this form from NFA's web site and submit it to NFA's main business address. The withdrawal will become effective 30 days from the date NFA receives the request and required attachments unless the CFTC or NFA denies, conditions, postpones or expedites the withdrawal. Individuals who no longer have trading privileges on any designated contract market should not file this form since FB and FT registration terminates automatically once NFA is notified that an individual no longer has trading privileges on any contract market.