Investor Newsletter


April 22, 2021

Investor Education

Webinar: What to Know before Investing

NFA and the CFTC held a free webinar entitled, Investor Education: What to Know before Investing, on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. The webinar covered important investor protection-related topics such as:

  • Conducting due diligence;
  • Red flags to watch for when investing;
  • Cybersecurity tips; and
  • Educational resources for investors.

Money Smart Week 2021

Money Smart Week—held virtually from April 10-17, 2021—is a national public education program coordinated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and delivered by a network of supporters. Money Smart Week empowers people with the knowledge and skills to make better-informed personal financial decisions around the key financial pillars of saving, spending, borrowing and planning.

FINRA's Courses on Smart Investing

FINRA offers investor education courses on topics ranging from setting investment goals to understandings risks and returns. The six courses are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle and are available on demand for all levels of investors.

Information courtesy of FINRA

Investor Protection

Customer Advisory: Understand Risks and Markets before Reacting to Internet Hype

The CFTC advises customers to be especially vigilant when it comes to internet hype around market events and urges customers to understand the associated risks. Recently, posts on online message boards and social media platforms have been cited as contributing to increased volatility in markets for certain commodities. Large numbers of individual speculators—traders who try to profit from short-term trades—rushed into commodity-backed exchange traded products, physical commodities such as gold and silver, commodity futures, and options contributing to brief but dramatic price swings.

Information courtesy of the CFTC

Conduct Due Diligence with NFA's BASIC

Conducting due diligence is an important first step investors should take before starting a new business relationship with a firm or associate in the derivatives industry. BASIC is a free tool that investors can use to research the background of derivatives industry professionals. Whether you are an investor thinking about opening a futures account or a seasoned veteran, BASIC can be a valuable resource.

NFA's Arbitration Program

NFA offers an affordable and efficient arbitration program to help customers and Members resolve futures and forex-related disputes. Arbitration is a process where the parties present their arguments and supporting evidence before an impartial third party (or panel) who decides how the matter should be resolved. Arbitration is a popular dispute resolution alternative to time-consuming and costly litigation. A party does not need a lawyer to pursue a claim at NFA.