Investor Newsletters

NFA issues quarterly newsletters to provide investors with information on recent initiatives, helpful resources and upcoming events.

January 2023

Issue Highlights:

  • National Consumer Protection Week
  • Money Smart Week
  • Investor Alert: Identity Theft, Data Breaches and Your Investment Accounts
  • Informed Investor Advisory: Unsolicited Text Messages
  • Consumer Alert: Worried about crypto exchange losses? Don’t pay money for “help” recovering money
  • Recent Enforcement Actions

October 2022

Issue Highlights:

  • Webinar: Digital Assets and Customer Protection: Answering Common Questions
  • Investor Bulletin: World Investor Week 2022
  • Investor Alert: Social Media and Investment Fraud
  • Informed Investor Advisory: Finfluencers
  • Recent Enforcement Actions

August 2022

Issue Highlights:

  • Military Consumer Month
  • Customer Advisory: Eight Things You Should Know Before Trading Forex
  • RED List: CFTC Adds More Unregistered Foreign Entities
  • Investor Alert: Watch Out for Fake COVID-19 Claims When Investing
  • Recent Enforcement Actions

April 2022

Issue Highlights:

  • Money Smart Week 2022
  • Financial Literacy Month
  • Informed Investor Advisory: Reassigned Investment Accounts
  • Customer Advisory: Avoid Forex, Precious Metals and Digital Asset Romance Scams
  • Investor Bulletin: Crypto Asset Interest-bearing Accounts
  • Reminder: NFA Has No Jurisdiction Over Non-Members
  • Recent Enforcement Actions