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2/10/2016 - Audio recording and materials from February cybersecurity workshops now available

1/22/2016 - "NFA Regulatory Requirements for FCMs, IBs, CPOs and CTAs" (Updated January 2016)

1/22/2016 - Investor Newsletter - January 2016

1/20/2016 - Arbitrator Update - January 2016

1/12/2016 - Upcoming cybersecurity workshops for Members

1/7/2016 - "Forex Transactions: A Regulatory Guide" (Updated January 2016)

1/7/2016 - "Self-Examination Questionnaire" (Updated January 2016)

12/12/2015 - Audio recording and transcript from December 9 audio conference now available

12/3/2015 - November 2015 NFA Board Update video

Recent News Center Updates

2/2/2016 - Notice to Members: CFTC authorizes NFA to receive notices of swap valuation disputes in excess of $20 million filed by swap dealers and major swap participants

1/28/2016 - Notice to Members: FinCEN issues an advisory on the FATF-identified jurisdictions with AML/CFT deficiencies

1/26/2016Enforcement and Registration Action: CC Trading Company LLC (Christopher J. Craddock)

1/25/2016 - News Release: NFA bars New York, N.Y. introducing broker CC Trading Company LLC from membership

1/22/2016Enforcement and Registration Action: CC Trading Company LLC

1/20/2016 - Notice to Members: Notice of newly elected members to NFA's Board of Directors

1/15/2016 - Notice to Members: Notice of Annual Meeting

1/14/2016 - Notice to Members: Member obligations under NFA Bylaw 1101 and Compliance Rule 2-36(d) with respect to CPOs/CTAs exempt from registration

1/13/2016 - Notice to Members: Enhancements to the CPO Form PQR

1/12/2016 - CFTC Rule Submission: National Futures Association: Bylaw Amendments regarding Electronic Voting, Other Technical Amendments, Formalizing the IB and Swap Participant Advisory Committees, and Repeal of Bylaw 503 regarding Removal of Directors

1/6/2016 - Notice to Members: Revised SD and MSP 4s review process

1/4/2016 - CFTC Rule Submission: National Futures Association: Financial Requirements—NFA Financial Requirements 1 and 16 and its related Interpretive Notice to Conform to the CFTC's Enhancing Protections Afforded Customers and Customer Funds Held by FCMs and DCOs Rulemaking (Effective January 14, 2016)

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