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Notice I-05-14

October 18, 2005

Request for Information to NFA Member CPOs

Please immediately contact Sharon Pendleton at (312) 658-6540 or Maria McHenry (312) 781-2337 of NFA's Compliance Department if you are currently conducting business transactions with any of the following entities:

Refco Inc.
Bersec International LLC
Krocck & Associates, LLC
Marshall Metals LLC
New Refco Group Ltd., LLC
Refco Administration LLC
Refco Capital LLC
Refco Capital Holdings LLC
Refco Capital Management LLC
Refco Capital Markets, LTD
Refco Capital Trading LLC
Refco Finance Inc.
Refco Financial LLC
Refco Fixed Assets Management LLC
Refco F/X Associates LLC
Refco Global Capital Management LLC
Refco Global Finance Ltd.
Refco Global Futures LLC
Refco Global Holdings LLC
Refco Group Ltd., LLC
Refco Information Services LLC
Refco Mortgage Securities, LLC
Refco Regulated Companies LLC
Summit Management LLC

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