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Notice I-01-16

September 19, 2001

Request for Information

As a result of an investigation that NFA conducted, NFA permanently barred Deano T. Chlepas ("Chlepas") and Bighorn Financial Services, LLC ("Bighorn") from NFA membership. NFA had obtained information from the Wyoming securities regulators that Chlepas and Bighorn had engaged in a Ponzi scheme causing losses in excess of $100,000 to customers. Law enforcement authorities are now conducting a criminal investigation into these activities and have asked for NFA's assistance.

Please contact Tom Duffy of NFA's Compliance Department at (312) 781-1375 if you carried any accounts (including joint accounts) for or directed by, or have otherwise transacted business with any of the following individuals or entities:

    Deano T. Chlepas
    Bighorn Financial Services, LLC
    Beta Trading
    Teton Research

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