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Notice I-12-36

December 20, 2012

Daily Segregated, Secured 30.7, Sequestered and Forex Statements for Federal Holidays

On May 24, 2012 NFA and CME issued a joint bulletin which outlined that a daily segregated, secured 30.7 and sequestered statement is required to be prepared for any day for which the markets are open which are relevant to that particular statement (customer origin). This is a reminder that for days that are U.S. Federal holidays and foreign markets are open for trading, daily secured 30.7 and sequestered statements, as applicable, are required. This means for December 25, 2012, daily secured and sequestered statements, as applicable, are required to be submitted by 12:00 noon Wednesday, December 26, 2012. Daily Forex statements are also required to be filed by 12:00 noon on December 26 for December 25. However, daily segregated, secured, sequestered and forex statements as of January 1, 2013 will not be required in observance of New Year's Day.

If you have any questions concerning these requirements, please contact Valerie O'Malley, Senior Manager, Compliance (312-781-1290 or or Patrick Moongthaveephongsa, Field Supervisor, Compliance (312-781-1381 or

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