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Notice I-14-28

November 03, 2014

NFA's BASIC System — Changes to Public Display of FCM Financial Information

In 2012, NFA's Board of Directors determined that certain financial-related information submitted by FCMs under Financial Requirements Section 16 should be publicly displayed on each FCM's BASIC page through the FCM Capital Report, FCM Customer Segregated Funds Report, FCM Customer Secured Amount Funds Report and FCM Cleared Swaps Customer Collateral Report. The current customer funds-related reports display the percentage of customer segregated funds, secured amount funds, and cleared swaps customer collateral held in cash and each of the permitted investments under Regulation 1.25, which NFA calculates based on the FCM's semi-monthly Segregated Investments Detail Reports (SIDR).

In November 2013, the CFTC amended Regulations 1.32, 30.7(l), and 22.2(g) to require FCMs to file semi-monthly reports that include the information required by the SIDR, as well as the amount of customer funds held at clearing organizations and brokers, the amount of customer-owned securities that are on deposit as margin collateral and information regarding repurchase transactions involving customer funds or securities.

As a result, NFA modified the SIDR report to collect this information, and NFA's Board of Directors has determined to display this information as percentages on each FCM's Customer Segregated Funds, Customer Secured Amount Funds and Cleared Swaps Customer Collateral reports, as applicable. This new information, along with other modifications to the display, will be included in the FCM's BASIC page beginning with the Nov. 17, 2014 SIDR filing, which will appear on BASIC on Nov. 25, 2014.

If you have any questions on the changes to NFA's BASIC pages, please contact Brian Rothfuss, Senior Manager, Compliance ( or 312-781-1439) or Dale Spoljaric, Managing Director, Compliance ( or 312-781-7415).

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