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Notice I-19-22

November 1, 2019

Designate an NFA Swaps Proficiency Requirements Administrator online

NFA's Swaps Proficiency Requirements will launch and become accessible online on January 31, 2020. Each NFA Member with associated persons required to take these requirements must designate at least one Swaps Proficiency Requirements Administrator (SPR Admin) who will coordinate enrollment and track progress. An SPR Admin must also be an ORS Security Manager.

Designate an SPR Admin

An NFA Member may now designate an SPR Admin(s) by completing the SPR Admin Form on NFA's website. Click here for instructions.

Note: SPR Admins must designate themselves for this role. If an NFA Member plans to have more than one SPR Admin, each must complete the form individually. Additionally, each SPR Admin should submit this form only once. If an NFA Member plans to have one SPR Admin for multiple affiliated firms, the SPR Admin should first complete the form online and then contact NFA's Information Center to be designated as the SPR Admin for additional firms.

SPR Admin Education

To prepare SPR Admins, NFA is holding two webinars with identical content on the following dates:

There is no charge to participate in these webinars. However, webinar registration is required using one of the links above. Upon registration, NFA will send an email containing a link to the webinar's website, system requirements and other details. If an SPR Admin is unable to attend, an archived version of the webinar and transcript will be available on NFA's website.

If you have any questions regarding the SPR Admin role, please visit the SPR Admin page or contact NFA's Information Center (312-781-1410, 800-621-3570 or

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