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Notice I-21-43

December 7, 2021

Action encouraged: CPO and CTA Members should ensure Executive Representative information is accurate prior to December 27, 2021 to facilitate voting in upcoming contested election

Contested Election in CPO and CTA Category

The upcoming 2022 Board of Directors election includes a contested election in the CPO and CTA category for a position with no conditions as to funds under management, as of June 30, 2021. Two individuals have been nominated for this position and therefore NFA will be conducting an election for CPO and CTA Members to vote for the individual to fill this Board position. More information on the candidates and the election process will be provided prior to the election period.

Who Can Vote in a Contested Election

Bylaw 409 requires each Member to designate an Executive Representative who has the sole authority, among other things, to cast votes on a Member's behalf in a contested election for an NFA Director position. Therefore, it is important that each CPO and CTA Member ensure that the individual currently listed as the Member's Executive Representative and their contact information are accurate. CPO and CTA Members should review, and if necessary, update this information prior to December 27, 2021 to ensure that NFA distributes the election materials to the appropriate Executive Representative.

Designate/Update Executive Representative

Each Member may designate or update its Executive Representative by accessing NFA's Executive Representative Contact form found on NFA's Electronic Filing Systems page. Only firm employees who are Security Manager(s) or are authorized to "View, Update, and File" information in ORS may complete this form.

If a Member has not designated an Executive Representative, the Membership Contact listed on the Member's Form 7-R will be deemed to be the Member's Executive Representative and will have the authority to cast votes on the Member's behalf.

Votes submitted by any person other than the Executive Representative (or the Membership Contact if no Executive Representative is designated) will be not be counted.

If you need help completing this form or have any questions, please contact NFA's Information Center ( or 800-621-3570 or 312-781-1410).

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