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Notice I-24-06

February 22, 2024

NFA's Board of Directors elects Gerald F. Corcoran to serve as Chair

At its February meeting, NFA's Board of Directors elected Gerald F. Corcoran, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of R.J. O'Brien & Associates LLC, to serve a one-year term as Chair.

Public Directors

Additionally at its February meeting, the Board elected the following individuals to serve as Public Directors:

  • Ana Beskin, Amazon People Experience and Tech
    (Term expiring 2026);
  • Michael C. Dawley, Bluefin Partners LLC
    (Term expiring 2025);
  • Ronald H. Filler, New York Law School
    (Term expiring 2026);
  • Arthur W. Hahn
    (Term expiring 2026);
  • Mary M. McDonnell, McDonnell & Associates
    (Term expiring 2026);
  • Ronald S. Oppenheimer
    (Term expiring 2025); and
  • Todd E. Petzel, Offit Capital Advisors LLC
    (Term expiring 2025).

Executive Committee

The Board also appointed the following individuals to serve one-year terms on NFA's Executive Committee:

  • Ana Beskin, Amazon People Experience and Tech;
  • Michael T. Burke, HighGround Trading LLC;
  • Gerald F. Corcoran, R.J. O'Brien & Associates LLC;
  • Arthur W. Hahn;
  • Julie Holzrichter, CME Group;
  • Ernest L. Jaffarian, Efficient Capital Management LLC;
  • Mary M. McDonnell, McDonnell & Associates; and
  • Don Thompson, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

NFA's Permanent Special Advisor Leo Melamed and NFA's President also serve on the Executive Committee.

During its meeting, the Board, pursuant to Article VII, Section 3, elected the following nominees to the Board and Nominating Committee:

Board of Directors

FCM Category:

  • Scott Andersen
    SG Americas Securities LLC
    (Term expiring 2026)
  • Gerald F. Corcoran
    R.J. O'Brien & Associates LLC
    (Term expiring 2026)
  • Alicia Crighton
    Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC
    (Term expiring 2025)
  • Thomas R. Kadlec
    ADM Investor Services, Inc.
    (Term expiring 2025)
IB Category:
  • Michael T. Burke
    HighGround Trading LLC
    (Term expiring 2025)
CPO/CTA Category:
  • Ernest L. Jaffarian
    Efficient Capital Management LLC
    (Term expiring 2025)
  • Martin Lueck
    Aspect Capital Limited
    (Term expiring 2025)
  • Constance R. Wick
    Crabel Capital Management LLC
    (Term expiring 2026)
SD/MSP/RFED Category:
  • Seth P. Bender
    HSBC Bank USA, NA
    (Term expiring 2025)
  • Mark L. Maurer
    StoneX Markets LLC
    (Term expiring 2026)
  • Charlotte B. McLaughlin
    PNC Capital Markets LLC
    (Term expiring 2025)
  • Don Thompson
    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    (Term expiring 2026)

2024 NFA Member Category Nominating Committee

FCM Category:

  • Ruth Arnould
    BofA Securities, Inc.
IB Category:
  • Steven L. Petillo
    Paragon Investments LLC
CPO/CTA Category:
  • Dede Welles
    PDT Partners LLC
SD/MSP/RFED Category:
  • Dan Dan Liu
    Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank

The terms of NFA's Board of Directors and Member Category Nominating Committee began on February 15, 2024.

Member Category Nominating Committee members serve three-year terms.

A complete list of NFA's Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Member Category Nominating Committee can be found on NFA's website.

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