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September 12, 2023

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NFA orders Denver-based firm Transamerica Asset Management Inc. to pay a $140,000 fine and sanctions a former Transamerica employee

September 12, Chicago—NFA issued Decisions against Transamerica Asset Management Inc. (Transamerica), an NFA Member commodity pool operator located in Denver, Colorado, and its former employee, Quynh Pham Keiser, resolving charges brought against them by NFA's Business Conduct Committee (Committee or BCC).

The BCC Decisions are based on a Complaint issued by the Committee and separate settlement offers submitted by Transamerica and Keiser, in which they neither admitted nor denied the Complaint's allegations. In the Transamerica Decision, the BCC found Transamerica failed to diligently supervise the firm's operations, in violation of NFA Compliance Rule 2-9(a), and ordered Transamerica to pay a $140,000 fine to NFA. In the Keiser Decision, the BCC found Keiser willfully submitted materially false or misleading information to NFA, in violation of NFA Compliance Rule 2-2(f), and ordered Keiser not to reapply for NFA associate membership, apply for NFA membership or principal status with a Member, or act as a principal of a Member at any time in the future.

The complete text of the Complaint, the Transamerica Decision, and the Keiser Decision can be viewed on NFA's website.

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